Indigo Hill: A Novel

Written by:
Liz Rosenberg
Narrated by:
Tavia Gilbert

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2018
7 hours 0 minutes
When Alma Johansson learns she’s dying, she takes the news surprisingly well—much better than her two grown daughters, Louisa and Michelle. And when Alma starts hinting at a long-kept secret, they are even more caught off guard. Their mother's life was an open book, so what could she possibly have kept from them?

After Alma’s will is read revealing the secret, her last words take on new meaning. They also bring back decades-old memories of a terrible fire on Indigo Hill—a fiery explosion that killed five of their friends. For Louisa, the eldest daughter, those scars are still with her.

Now, with their mother's past out in the open, Louisa and Michelle must confront their own secrets in the present to have any chance at a meaningful future.

Indigo Hill is a darkly funny, bittersweet novel about guilt, love, family, and memory.
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