Written by:
David Achord
Narrated by:
Graham Halstead

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2015
13 hours 1 minute
It's now two years since the zombie apocalypse changed the world. Survival is precarious for Zach Gunderson and his friends. They are encountering zombies who are evolving into something more than mindless automatons, and the group dynamic is threatened by the revelation of a murderer in their midst. They handle each situation in their own special manner, but a seemingly innocent encounter with a group of Marines leads to disastrous consequences.
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Mary Z.

I'm a big fan of zombies. I loved this bpok. had trouble to stop listening. Kept me wanting more.

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Amy g

excellent book cannot wait for book two narrator did outstanding job..

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Three books in and the series is beginning to get a little tedious.

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lucy gutierrez

love the book

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Mark M.

slow start but got better

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Lois J.

Still listening to the series and enjoying it. I love all the twists and turns. Jake is ever changing and growing. The book is mostly unpredictable. I enjoy the humor, love, sadness. It all adds up to a fantastic storyline.

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Loving this book.

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can't get enough

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Jesus Christ this one f*cked me up

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Christine P.

A great read! As the story progresses through each book you grow closer to the characters! He ending of this one was a super sad one for sure!

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Marchell I.

Oh wow , zombies are changing and major loss, can't wait for the next book. Totally into to this zombie series!

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Beverly K.

Love this series have started over with book 1 ..and love it

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Brad B

Well this certainly does not disappoint. Part 3 is outstanding and again smoothly carries on the story. Brad B

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Mary Olp

This is a great series!!! I wish it went on for longer! It was very realistic series (for zombies). I could not put it down. The characters were all so interesting and the story was wonderful. The narrator is great!!

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