Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2004
7 hours 40 minutes
Turn back your biological clock. A breakthrough book for men-as much fun to read as it is persuasive-Younger Next Year draws on the very latest science of aging to show how men 50 or older can become functionally younger every year for the next five to ten years, and continue to live like fifty-year-olds until well into their eighties. To enjoy life and be stronger, healthier, and more alert. To stave off 70% of the normal decay associated with aging (weakness, sore joints, apathy), and to eliminate over 50% of all illness and potential injuries. This is the real thing, a program that will work for anyone who decides to apply himself to 'Harry's Rules.'

Harry is Henry S. Lodge, M.D., a specialist in internal medicine and preventive healthcare. Chris Crowley is Harry's 70-year-old patient who's stronger today (and skiing better) than when he was 40. Together, in alternating chapters that are lively, sometimes outspoken, and always utterly convincing, they spell out Harry's Rules and the science behind them. The rules are deceptively simple: Exercise Six Days a Week. Eat What You Know You Should. Connect to Other People and Commit to Feeling Passionate About Something. The science, simplified and demystified, ranges from the molecular biology of growth and decay to how our bodies and minds evolved (and why they fare so poorly in our sedentary, all-feast no-famine culture). The result is nothing less than a paradigm shift in our view of aging.

Welcome to the next third of your life-train for it, and you'll have a ball.
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Christopher Douglass

I selected this book for my VIP selection specifically because Steve Y panned it in all his glorious ignorance. No greater evidence need exist that we have within in us the seeds of simpler hominids than that he found it fitting to dislike a lay medical book for its reliance upon well-established science.

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Well... let me say this. I found the narrators smooth and entertaining. But more importantly I found the content brilliant. First to those who have a problem with the Darwin thing. I personally believe that God and his works are so far beyond human comprehension it would be easier for a housefly to locate a short on a CAN bus networking system. So how about this. The human race is so meticulously perfect that yes we had a maker and a design. But as a master chef make a mouth watering dish from so many smaller ingredients, perhaps God, when he made the very first single cell bacteria had man in mind. Letting the Velda emerge, adapt, fight and die to give way to stronger reflections of the first design. The "ingredients " if you will that God intended all along to build the most perfect beings that we are today. This book taps into the basic needs of us all to assure the best quality life possible. That's why not only exercise and eliminating processed foods is imperative, well sometimes pizza it's pretty cool though, is The only way, without the human contact and love For one in other and associating and interacting and connecting, it's just another work out book. It's the last part that makes it real. After all isn't that what love thy neighbor was all about? Give this book a chance it will change your life. It will save your life.

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It's really a shame that people are missing out on this precious information because the authors use terms related to evolution to describe the natural functions of the body and how it relates to our very active ancestors. The authors could have just as well used the terms "the way your body works naturally"instead, the info would have been just as precious. I've been studying health and learning about fitness, diet, and happiness for almost 20 years, now. This is, by far, the MOST COMPREHENSIVE, BEST SUMMARIZED AND MOST USEFUL book i've encountered on the subject. Everything the common person needs to know is there. And it's a very motivating, no BS, entertaining read. A lot of fun and SOOOO USEFUL!!

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Ted E.

For Reviewers like Buzz, I am very happy this book was a catalyst for his remarkable change. _Younger Next Year_ is a sweet little primer for those who need to know what's possible for them to get in shape to enjoy the time they have left. I found the author's text often self entitled and narcissistic about how wonderful he is off-putting. For some, it may be motivational; for me, annoying. The information is generally solid. I was pleased with his chapter on weight training. He did recommend finding a good trainer. Soap Box time: At age 70 I regularly weight train. For those who follow through with weights, I cannot emphasise enough starting out with a GOOD trainer who gives you their full attention. Look around and ask around! The trainer should not be one of those who chats away on their cell phones your whole season instead of monitoring you working. Form! Form! Form! Perfect form is vital for improvement and keeping you from hurting yourself. I get sick of seeing so many trainers attempting to get into the Museum of Bad Form Hall of Fame stealing their clients' hard earned money while the ignorant client does not the difference! That editorial aside, there is always something to learn from most books. You don't need to be a member of Mensa to understand Younger. If you're fluffy and looking for a reason to change, this book is a reasonable start.

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Very interesting book. I learnt alot about my future and have taken some tasks on to help me in the future. I know this book is directed at a retired age but at the age of 34 I don't see why start early can harm anyone. I liked learning from someone that has been. through the book and all the science.

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Mike H.

Apparently, you can only be younger next year if you have a partner. After about a 1/2 hour of that drivel I stopped listening. Might work for some tho...

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Franz K.

Exciting Thriller.

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Did not appreciate the evolutionary component of the book.

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R G.

exercise. there i read the book for you. the rest is just some guy trying to sound clever and funny. lots of "deep thoughts" like just do it, you'll feel better. pathetic.

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Colm D.

excellent book

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Michael H.

Life changing listen to it once a year

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Zac S.

Diet and exercise people that’s the summary :)

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Cathrine A.

Very well written and enjoyable to listen to. I'm not 40 yet but now I can use some of the tips to stay young. Exciting!

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Mark F.

OK so he rambles on a bit but the message is clear all the way through, If I had a pound for every time I've had to remind myself I live in a caveman body I'd be able to afford to go skiing as much as they can. I was pleasantly surprised with the final message about embracing love, friendship and others. An inspiring read for me :)

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Stefanie Smith-Moore

What a great book!! The funnies mixed with great knowledge!! FANTASTIC!

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Rod M.

I find myself inspired to strengthen the start I made a year ago in my 64th year.

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