You'll Know in Your Heart

You'll Know in Your Heart

Written by:
Lisa Oliver
Narrated by:
John York
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
6 hours 20 minutes
Baby, youngest son of Poseidon had started to avoid going anywhere near his family. Between lovestruck mates, and tiny children, more and more he was starting to feel as if he just didn't fit. Anywhere. Abandoned by one father at birth, and pretty much ignored by the other, Baby roamed the world, looking for some kind of acceptance, but all he could find was hook ups. And there were plenty of those. Being the son of Himeros, the god of desire, as well wasn't all it was cracked up to be. But none of the people he saw for brief moments touched his heart, and most of them never wanted him to stay longer than an hour or two at most. 

Owen was known by many names, but the one title he'd spent a long time avoiding was that of 'Baby's mate'. Having known who his mate was from Baby's birth, Owen had stayed hidden away from life, content to watch his mate through his Oracle stone, until more than a thousand years had past. When the destructive behavior he believed Baby was falling into got worse, Owen knew it was time to step in. Baby needed a fixer, and the Fates had given Owen the job. 

But Baby didn't want to be fixed. In fact, he resented the very idea, which meant Owen needed to make a few attitude adjustments. As the two men bumbled along, struggling to find common ground with each other long enough to make a mating work, they weren't getting any support from Poseidon, Claude or Himeros. When Baby gets another shock, he seriously starts to think hiding in an isolated cave somewhere was a good idea. The question is - will he take Owen with him?

Unlike my other stories, this book has little or no outside angst factors. Readers familiar with Baby's story as mentioned in earlier books in the series will know this sweet man has more than enough conflict in his own head, without introducing more. Quite simply, this story is Baby and Owen's journey towards true love and family.
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