You Need to Be a Little Crazy

Written by:
Barry J Moltz
Narrated by:
Barry Moltz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2006
3 hours 15 minutes
Advice about starting a business never sounded like this! Beginning with 'you must be crazy', serial entrepreneur and angel investor Barry Moltz offers the true insider's scoop on new business start-ups. With doses of irreverence and humor, this return-to-basics guide focuses on what comes before the bottom line. Addressing passion, the ultimate entrepreneurial fuel, relationships, failure, and authenticity, Moltz incorporates stories from his entrepreneurial colleagues and shows what it takes to integrate personal and professional life to achieve the highest satisfaction.
Moltz describes the ups and downs and emotional trials of running a start-up business and invites readers to let go of the myths and expectations that can hamstring them emotionally while getting their businesses up and running. In a helpful, heartfelt, and often humorous way, Moltz reassures entrepreneurs that they are not alone, whatever their form of craziness, and that they can retain self-worth and sanity as they ride the start-up roller coaster.
Showcasing the varieties of new venture craziness, entrepreneurs at all ages and stages in their business-building processes will realize they too can succeed. Jolts of passionate entrepreneurial wisdom energize these anecdotes, with such ideas as:
People, not capital, are the true currency.
Passion keeps everything going.
Relationships and authenticity are the drivers in this business climate.
There is no perfect idea and no magic bullet.
Don't expect your path to be a straight line.
Incorporating lessons from the boom and bust 1990s, the realignment of business, personal values in the wake of terrorism, and proven ways to nurture the human dimension in busines
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