Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar

Written by:
Shawn Michaels
Narrated by:
Daniel Butler

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2015
5 hours 49 minutes
As a WWE wrestler with millions of fans, Shawn Michaels had adulation and all the attention he could ask for, but he found himself longing for something more. When he became a committed Christian at the height of his career, Shawn learned what it's like to be a man of faith in a secular arena.

Wrestling for My Life documents Shawn's journey to finding a new way of life--one that's marked by faith, family, and forgiveness.

As you watch Shawn's testimony unfold, you'll learn about:

- The power of self-discipline
- The importance of finding a supportive mentor who challenges you to be the best version of yourself
- The freedom that's found in true forgiveness

Praise for Wrestling for My Life:

'Shawn's greatest challenge came from deep within himself, and it's been awe-inspiring to watch this man pull himself from the depths of his own personal hell by immersing himself in his faith in God. I couldn't be more amazed at the man, husband, father, and friend he has become.' —The Undertaker

'I am certain that you will enjoy getting to know Shawn Michaels from the pages within as much as I have in his everyday life. If you read one book this year, make it this one' —Pastor Matthew Hagee

'Shawn's story is an important reminder of life's priorities and how we choose to use our given gifts. While I work with Shawn outside of the wrestling world, I can still strongly attest to his perseverance, passion, and humility. These pages offer an inside look into how he found strength for better change.' —Jeff Wayne, Executive Vice President Programming of Outdoor Channel
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Shawn S.

I absolutely loved the story of your faith Shawn. absolutely amazin changed through the grace of God. as a newer believer, you story has helped to clarify a few things to me and introduced a new way of seeing a few things, so thank you. this story is great . inspiring. truthful and revealing. Michaels glorifies God throughout as he tells the amazing story of hope and change he experienced through finding jesus and hownifnaffexted notnonly the family and lifestyle but also made affect throughout the WWE. while throwing in some awesome stories from the ring/road. narrator could be better. but still very good. just had trkuble with a few names. but sounded kind of like one of the narrator's from the bible app NLT. lol

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