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Wounded Magic

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
10 hours 36 minutes
Magic can heal the fiercest wounds . . . or cut them even deeper.

Rocio Lopez and Finn Lockwood survived the deadly trials of the Mages' Exam in a bid to keep their magic. But the world outside presents vicious threats of its own.

Forced into the Confed's military special ops unit, Rocio must walk a fine line between complicity and resistance, or everyone she loves could pay the price. With the magic's pleas growing increasingly urgent, can she make her stand in time?

Stripped of his talent, Finn is determined to fight the corrupt magical government-and to find his way back to the girl he's fallen for. When his new mission clashes with his family's legacy, how many people will he have to betray?

Revolution is brewing. And as enemies rise at home and abroad, both Rocio and Finn will be caught in the crossfire.

Contains mature themes.
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