Written by:
Jada Pinkett Smith
Narrated by:
Jada Pinkett Smith

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
14 hours 57 minutes
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''I went through so many emotions reading this book. Reconnecting to one's ancestors and truly feeling, not only hearing, their stories are fertile ground for true ecstatic embodiment of the self. We have to know where we've been to see where we're going.'' -Willow Smith

''[Smith] is candid and honest... For the first time she reveals the truth behind [the] happy images. An incredible read.'' -Hoda Kotb, The Today Show

A gripping, at times painfully honest, and ultimately inspirational memoir from global superstar and creator of the Red Table Talk series Jada Pinkett Smith. 

Jada Pinkett Smith was living what many would view as a fairy-tale of Hollywood success. But appearances can be deceiving, and as she felt more and more separated from her sense of self, emotional turmoil took hold. Sparing no detail, Worthy chronicles her life—from a rebellious youth running the Baltimore streets as an observer and participant in the drug trade, to the deep bond she shared with Tupac Shakur from the moment they met, to her move to Los Angeles and the successful career she built on her own terms, to becoming the wife of superstar Will Smith and mother to Jaden, Willow and bonus-mom to Trey . A rollercoaster from the depths of suicidal depression to the heights of self-acceptance and spiritual healing, Worthy is a woman’s journey to finding herself again. 

In a media driven landscape that crafts narratives for our celebrities, Smith shares herself in an intimate conversation with readers. She answers questions about her difficult childhood, her marriage, her parenting style, her career choices, and the intense scrutiny that followed “the slap.” An impactful and rare memoir that engages and educates, Worthy shows why adhering to the status quo has never been the plan for Jada Pinkett Smith and why labels and stories crafted by others strip women of their authenticity. Worthy teaches us who Jada is, and how to embrace our most lovable qualities. Complete with thought-provoking writing prompts and meditations on how to discover who we really are and nourish our self-worth.
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M H.

Sooooo goooood

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So amazing!

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Danielle G.

Great listen, well narrated and something for every human to connect with.

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Antoni D.


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Theresa S.

Great read, job well done Harry

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Auriel J.

Wow. This was an incredible memoir. For those readers who were only wanting to hear the gossip and the drama, this might not have been quite what they were hoping for. Jada was real and vulnerable. I found her to be very relatable and very honest. Great narration. Inspirational from start to finish. I hate that the trashy media has made a mockery of this incredible work. No one cares about the bs we see in the tabloids and she didn’t even bother to go into any of it which I really admire her for. This was a truthful retelling of her life story and i admire her so much more.

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This book didn't tell us anything new about Jada. She is just retelling all the stories we have heard about her and her relationship in the last 20 years. I don't know why it is 15 hours long.. a lot of the stuff she said could have been left out. I really though she was going to do a deep dive into her relationship or entanglement with August but she barely spent any time on it. In my honest opinion Will's book was much better it felt more honest. I wish I could get my credit back because I don't see myself listening to this again.

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