World Religion 101: From Buddhism to Judaism, History, Beliefs, & Practices of the Great Religions

Written by:
Peter A. Huff
Narrated by:
Peter A. Huff

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
9 hours 10 minutes
Finally! A clear, concise and informative overview of the beliefs and practices of the world’s great world religions. 

As both a wellspring of hope and an author of tragedy, religion has profoundly shaped the great civilizations of human history. An unequivocal force in the ancient world, religion continues to fire the imagination of millions in our own time and remains a fascinating index of human aspiration and creativity.

In this captivating audio course, Catholic theologian Prof. Peter A. Huff, Ph.D. delves into theories about the origin and nature of religion, basic principles of religious studies, and the necessity of interreligious dialogue in the contemporary world. 

Over the course of this comprehensive 24-lecture series, you will explore the many myths, rites, beliefs, ethical codes, worldviews, sacred institutions, and artistic achievements that underlie the human search for ultimate meaning. You’ll encounter an extraordinary company of individuals from across the map: saints and sages, martyrs and mystics, reformers and restless souls.

Authoritative and even handed, these lectures help you recognize the lens through which you view other traditions. Despite the breadth of its sweep, the series goes beyond a superficial tour of other cultures to take you off the beaten path.

The study of religions is as integral to our shared humanity as it is to our world citizenship. Embark on a journey toward interfaith understanding today. 

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I appreciated the course except for one thing. I noted that the lecturer seemed to assume he is speaking to Christians. He didn’t spend much time explaining Jesus as redeemer in the belief of His followers. He underplayed Christianity and then went on to talk about the greatness of Mohammed and Islam. I am not suggesting Islam is not important but Jesus was also a great man and Christianity in it’s most focused form (not Catholicism for example) is just as important. In the end of the lecture, he suggested everyone visit Mosques and temples and synagogues but left out of that list, churches. It almost seems as if the professor assumes Christians are the only ones who do not understand other world religions. I am Christian. However I have friends who are Jews and Muslims and even Buddhist and they will not visit a church or talk about Jesus. They think they know who Christians are because they think of all Christians as Catholic which is far from the truth of my life. And I am not trying to evangelize - maybe they do have a fear from some past experience that all Christians do try to evangelize...I have even had that experience. But my wish is for all religions to try to understand one another without trying to change them. I believe that is hard for probably Christians and Muslims the most.

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Osman Raidhan

A great insight into some of the main religions of the world. Definitely worth a listen

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