Workbook: No Bad Parts (Richard Schwartz)

Workbook: No Bad Parts (Richard Schwartz)

Written by:
Liam Daniels , Alice Moore
Narrated by:
Graham Lincoln
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
1 hour 41 minutes
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When we think about our identity or Self, we often think about it as a single entity. However, having one brain doesn’t imply having only one mind, and truth be told, isn’t it a little perplexing to make such a statement about the fascinating, not fully understood yet, human mind?

Richard C. Schwartz's No Bad Parts articulately breaks down the Internal Family Systems Model, providing you with in-depth knowledge of the different parts that make us who we are, how these parts respond to life events and traumas, and how you can reduce their impact on your life to foster inner harmony and well-being.

You may have read his work and want a refresher, or you may be completely new to the practice of IFS. Whichever side of the coin you fall on, this workbook can transform your life. It does not only provide all of Schwartz's teachings about trauma in a clear, comprehensive, and condensed manner—without missing anything important!—but it also offers you a safe space to reflect and apply what you’ve learned.

In Workbook: No Bad Parts, you’ll get:

- Chapter-by-chapter summaries that deliver the unbiased highlights of the original book for maximum value; no fuss, just all you need!
- Concise key takeaways that serve as refreshing reminders for each chapter's core message.
- Reflection prompts to walk you through mapping, healing, and integrating your parts.
- Engaging activities that bridge the gap between the book's teachings and your own life.
- An immersive experience that combines insights, actionable steps, exercises, and questions.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial, third-party, plagiarism-free workbook for Richard C. Schwartz’s book No Bad Parts. Please note that it is NOT the original book.
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