The Word is Murder: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
9 hours 3 minutes
Narrated by Rory Kinnear

''One of the most entertaining mysteries of the year. It’s also one of the most stimulating, as it ponders such questions as: Which is of greater interest to the reader, the crime or the detective? And: Is the pencil truly mightier than the butcher knife?” — Wall Street Journal

New York Times bestselling author of Magpie Murders and Moriarty, Anthony Horowitz has yet again brilliantly reinvented the classic crime novel, this time writing a fictional version of himself as the Watson to a modern-day Holmes.

A woman crosses a London street. It is just after 11 a.m. on a bright spring morning, and she is going into a funeral parlor to plan her own service. Six hours later the woman is dead, strangled with a crimson curtain cord in her own home.

Enter disgraced police detective Daniel Hawthorne, a brilliant, eccentric man as quick with an insult as he is to crack a case. And Hawthorne has a partner, the celebrated novelist Anthony Horowitz, curious about the case and looking for new material. As brusque, impatient, and annoying as Hawthorne can be, Horowitz—a seasoned hand when it comes to crime stories—suspects the detective may be on to something, and is irresistibly drawn into the mystery.

But as the case unfolds, Horowitz realizes that he’s at the center of a story he can’t control, and his brilliant partner may be hiding dark and mysterious secrets of his own.
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Kept me on my toes.

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Great audiobook! Anthony Horowitz cannot put out a disappointment. His excellent way of writing holds your attention-he knows what to keep simple and what to detail-truly great writer and storyteller-

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Dey L.

The best book I've read (listened to) in a long time. This is saying a lot, because for the past six months I've been on the trail of Swedish writers, whom I think are brilliant. However, "The Word is Murder" by Anthony is more than brilliant (if that's possible)..its ingenious. From start to finish this book - mystery, suspense, noir - is built on solid ground - like historic Victorian house. The Word is Murder is built to withstand the test of time (and weather for the house). To begin the foundation is laid by inserting the writer in the book he is writer (how cool is that). I'm sure its been done, before (in a since Sherlock Holmes - actually Watson writes about him writing the story). Next the story becomes clear early on - in a way also similar to a Sherlock Holmes story. So you don't have to wonder - when you find out what the story is about (this is one thing many readers don't like about Swedish writers). And of course the main characters are made very clear in the beginning - the the first two characters walking onto a stage in play - it provides a strong(er) focus for the story. And then there is the story itself; clearly evident in the books title (and maybe not...because actually I had to look back at the title at the end of the book...ha..ha..ha on me). And yet, even if I had paid attention to the double entendre, I don't know if I would have realized how relevant it is to the story (no spoiler here). However, let me back up a bit; basically its this is the story of a writer...telling the story of writing a book - and this is what moves the play...story along. Soon you forget this is an important part of the story - and find yourself following the along to find out "who done it" - the genius of the book. And last, but note least - I describe this as "noir" is a little strong - its actually "dark humor" - its a thread that connects the book in a similar way that - bumbling thoughts - and mis-thoughts of Watson (of Sherlock Holmes) threads the book. And, interesting to note, I can see more clearly how important those "bumblings" were to the success of Sherlock Holmes. Its the same way with the "dark humour" of The Word Is Murder"...and another reason its a good read. enjoy.

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Lea R.

Listening to Rory Kinnear's narration is a pure joy.

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I had to spot early on due to language and sexual references.

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Olga S.

A gripping story with wonderful characters. I enjoyed it a lot.

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