Woof: A Bowser and Birdie Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2013
7 hours 5 minutes
'I defy anyone to read this book -- kid or adult -- without a big, goofy grin.' -- HARLAN COBEN, #1 New York Times bestselling author

The New York Times Bestselling MysteryThere is trouble brewing in the Louisiana swamp -- Bowser can smell it. Bowser is a very handsome and only slightly slobbery dog, and he can smell lots of things. Like bacon. And rawhide chews! And the sweat on humans when they're lying.Birdie Gaux, the girl Bowser lives with, also knows something is wrong. It's not just that her grammy's stuffed prize marlin has been stolen. It's the weird rumor that the marlin is linked to a missing treasure. It's the truck that seems to be following Birdie and the bad feeling on the back of her neck.When Birdie and Bowser start digging into the mystery, not even Bowser's powerful sniffer can smell just how menacing the threat is. And when the danger comes straight for Birdie, Bowser knows it up to him to sic 'em.
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Barbara F.

Fantastic story and wonderfully told by the dog! very creative writing!

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Stacey Richards

I love it!

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Deborah Reed

This book was wonderful. Spencer Quinn told an engaginging story, but James Frangione's narration brought it to delightful, realistic life! Of course dogs talk--and think--like that! He nailed it! I listened to this children's book as an adult and it has been my favorite read of the summer. Now to purchase it for my 11year old great neice--who just rescued Max.

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Jackie Sites

I listen to my audio books while walking my dogs at the dog park. The book was enjoyable, held my attention, and made me wonder what my dogs are thinking! I will get the sequel soon. Even though I'm an adult, I felt it was a great book, and recommend it for all ages!

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Shanda Finnell

I really enjoyed this book. I got lots of laughs out of it. Was great being from the dogs point of view! Made it a lot funnier.

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Nelly Navarro-Britt

Funny story since the dog is narrator. Cute book for kids. Main character is 11 years old. Book reader did a great job!

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Roxann Whited

Great performance by the narrator, I am an adult and felt that the narrator captured the spirit of Bouser. The book was written for children - teenagers which I felt would keep their attention all the while taking them on a suspenseful journey. Great job!

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Steven Birns

Now I know why I love my dogs and they love me. They both have a little Bowser in them.

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Lisa Muniz

I loved this book! The perspective of the narrator being a dog was creative and often sweet and hilarious! Adorable characters and fun story line. Must read!

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Jesse Witt

#animal lover Recommend to any animal lovers

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Georgia Rocha

I loved this book! I recommend this book for anyone who loves animals.

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Adrienne W.

I love it!

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Pretrina M.

I thought the book was hackney and the ending abrupt. I think there was room for more storyline development. I.e. the mom, the dad, the whole striker story and birdie becoming more of sleuth. What was the point of looking for the treasure if only end up throwing the necklace to the alligator, sorry for giving to much away.

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Gina Truitt

This is a book about a young girl told from the perspective of her lovable mutt. and boy does it capture the essence of a dog.

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jay yeast

I was very surprised and thrilled with this book. Narrator kept me engaged. Will buy the sequel soon.

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tami stanford

Very adventurous. Woof was my favorite character. His thoughts were hilarious.

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Katherine Vickers

Great book, I didn't find it predictable at all. The narrator did an excellent job!

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Nancy Krehlik

Humor, suspense, a wonderful dog, and good human characters, over all a fun book for kids. I also liked the details and information brought about from the setting (swamp country, Louisiana). The narrator was also good.

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Andrew Susin

I'm a sucker for all of Spencer Quinn's books. Actually any book where a dog is a main character but in most the dog always dies in the end. That's one of the reasons I love Quinn's books, the dog always survives for the sequel. It isn't the only reason, his writing is side-splitting funny and surprisingly suspenseful . His books are not as predictable as you would expect them to be. It isn't deep intense literature and isn't suppose to be but it's well written, humorous and a fun read. I thoroughly enjoyed Woof and am waiting patiently for the second in this series Arf

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Wanda Adkins

Great book and even though it is a youth literature I really enjoyed it the perspective from the dog was just delightful the story had a good pace and the characters were great

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Rachel Reyna

This was such a fun book - and I am not a lover of animal stories! It was an engaging and even endearing little mystery. The dog's point of view is really quite funny - I found myself laughing out loud. I hope to share this story with my niece when we go on a road trip.

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Bethany Therrien

I loved it! I wish there were more in this series!

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