The Wolf's Hour [Dramatized Adaptation]

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
16 hours 54 minutes
It is 1944. A message from Paris warns Allied Intelligence of something big in the works

something which might have serious implications for D-Day. The only way to get more information from the agent in Paris

now closely watched by the Gestapo

is to send in a personal courier.

Russian émigré Michael Gallatin is picked for the job. In retirement as a secret agent since a grisly episode in North Africa, Gallatin is parachuted into occupied France, on a mission which will take him to the festering heart of the Third Reich on the scent of doomsday.

As a master spy, Gallatin has proved he can take on formidable foes

and kill them. As a passionate lover, he attracts beautiful women. But there is one extra factor which makes Michael Gallatin a unique special agent

he is a werewolf, able to change form almost at will, able to assume the body of a wolf and its capacity to kill with savage, snarling fury.

In the madness of war, Gallatin hunts his prey

ready to out-think his opponents with his finely-tuned brain. Or tear their throats out with his finely-honed teeth....
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I've been very fond of this book for many years and have read it quite a few times. This production is really very good indeed and I enjoyed it immensely! Well done to all concerned. Brilliant work.

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