The Wizard King of the North

Written by:
Charles Lamb
Narrated by:
Todd Mclaren

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
11 hours 34 minutes
Newly crowned Wizard King of the North, Alex Rogers, has a real mess on his hands. The surprise successor to the vanquished Vassal King Ailmer, he inherits a kingdom in shambles. Bankrupt from the looted treasury and past mismanagement of the northern kingdom, he must find a way to restore prosperity in a place where almost no one seeks his involvement.

Besides the financial woes, he is besieged by the Lords of Gundor, all seeking a return to the days when there was no central kingdom and the Lords themselves ruled unchallenged on their holdings in the Gundor Valley. Undermined from his first day on the throne, Alex must put them in check with no army, no money, and few allies to draw upon.

As if a bankrupt kingdom and unruly Lords seeking his overthrow were not enough, his newly born child has become the focal point of interest to parties unknown. This unseen threat snatches the newborn child out from under the watchful eye of parents desperate to reclaim their heir.

It's now up to Cassie and Alex to move heaven and earth to reclaim their child and put an end to any plans to alter their heir's destiny.
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