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Witch With A Problem

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
5 hours 12 minutes
Shifters to the left, gangsters to the right . . . Cait Keane and her dragon partner Aza are stuck in the middle.

The problems are mounting for the newest member of Boston's US Marshals. Her coven is pressed by territorial shifters, and the wolves have a secret partner who has plans of her own.

Cait might even be the target of the assassin she helped arrest-before his escape. Or maybe it is just a lone criminal with a grudge who's after Judge Flynn.

Cait's not buying it. An invisible menace on Oriceran. An art thief in Boston. Most frightening of all, a growing romantic connection to Shane, her mysterious partner in crime, who believes she's someone she's not.

It will take everything she has to untangle the knots. Fortunately, her sisters Brianna and Aisling and her fellow Marshals are at her back.

Plus Aza and her deepening connection to the Dragon that make them more dangerous.

As the balance of power in the city shifts unpredictably between the Dragons and the Roses, the path forward is cloudy, and beset with dangers. And lingering in the shadows, the threat of the Rhazdon artifacts lurks over everything, always at the corner of her mind. The stakes are high-the risks, higher.
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Sarah McKevitt

Another fantastic installment. Things are getting really complicated for Cait and Aza. So much is going on in Boston, Ireland and now on Oriceran!

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