Wintertide [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Riyra Revelations 5

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
8 hours 53 minutes
'The New Empire intends to celebrate its victory over the Nationalists with a day that will never be forgotten. On the high holiday of Wintertide the empress will be married. Degan Gaunt and the Witch of Melengar will be publicly executed. Then the empress will suffer a fatal accident leaving the empire in the hands of the new emperor. It will be a perfect day. There is only one problem-Royce and Hadrian have finally found the lost heir.

Performed by Bradley Foster Smith, Chris Genebach, Danny Gavigan, Duyen Washington, Terence Aselford, Laura C. Harris, Carolyn Kashner, Jeff Allin, Dylan Lynch, Rayner Gabriel, Matthew Aldwin McGee, Jacob Yeh, James Lewis, Holly Adams, Martin Dickinson, Nora Achrati, Rob McFadyen, Sasha Olinick, Nick DePinto, Matthew Bassett, Eric Messner, Michael Glenn, Henry Kramer, Christopher Walker, Michael John Casey, Tanja Milojevic, Steve Wannall, Scott McCormick, Elliot Dash, Colleen Delany, Mort Shelby, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Richard Rohan, Chris Stinson, Jonathan Lee Taylor, Marni Penning, Nanette Savard, Ken Jackson, Andy Brownstein and Joe Mallon.'
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