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Date: June 2016

Duration: 8 hours 10 minutes


Who ever said being nice would get you to the top?

Certainly not Alexandra Miles. She isn’t nice, but she’s more than skilled at playing the part. She floats through the halls of Spencer High, effortlessly orchestrating the actions of everyone around her, making people bend to her whim without even noticing they’re doing it. She is the queen of Spencer High—and it’s time to make it official.

Alexandra has a goal, you see—Homecoming Queen. Her ambitions are far grander than her small town will allow, but Homecoming is just the first step to achieving total domination. So when peppy, popular Erin Hewett moves to town and seems to have a real shot at the crown, Alexandra has to take action.

With the help of her trusted friend Sam, she devises her most devious plot yet. She’ll introduce an unexpected third competitor into the mix, one whose meteoric rise—and devastating fall—will destroy Erin’s chances once and for all. Alexandra can run a scheme like this in her sleep. What could possibly go wrong?

Lara Deloza’s crackling depiction of a perpetually two-steps-ahead popular girl makes for a fun, wicked story with a protagonist that readers will love to hate.


  • Dave Paulson

    The book is worth listening to but not as valuable as many others. I didn't have a single ah-ha moment but did find a significant amount of helpful perspective. The advise and content may have been more useful to me if I were the CEO of a large corporation.

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  • Joshua D



    Great supplement and audio version to my class at JWMI.

  • Anonymous

    The reader on the audio book is painful to listen to... I couldn't even get through the first disc. I guess i'll stick with the print version on this one.

  • Anonymous

    Full of great info but difficult to get through author's raspy voice at times

  • Patti

    I typically like it when the authors read their own material, but Jack's voice just isn't cut out for audio books. I kept wanting to clear my own throat. If you can get past that though, the content is good and he has some great insights.

  • David Mc

    Jack Welch's voice sounds like Joe Pesci and was really hard to abide for the length of the unabridged version of this book. Content was great though. Recommended despite the South Boston language immersion experience.

  • Sebouh Kouladjian

    You get a real feel about business and its stucture. Jack is great!

  • ML

    One of the better business books I've read. I thought I'd get a lot of "Jack's way because I said so," but he put careful thought into many of the "whys" that forced me to question some of the "whys" of things I do at work. Given that, just like every business book it won't all be for you. My recommendation is rent it, if you find a lot you like in it, buy it at a Half Priced Bookstore and go to it with your highlighter like I did.

  • RZMarquee

    Jack Welch is at his best.....but is that good enough to make this book a "Winner?" ABSOLUTELY! Although the narration by Mr. Welch isn't exactly "pleasing to the ear." He's a bit raspy. If you can get by that, this entire audiobook is great and a "not to miss" book.


by Lara Deloza

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Winning, Lara Deloza
Winning, Lara Deloza
This title is due for release on June 28, 2016.

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Winning, Lara Deloza
This title is due for release on June 28, 2016
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Winning, Lara Deloza
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Winning, Lara Deloza

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