Wild Scottish Love: A fun opposites attract magical romance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
8 hours 8 minutes
Wicked banter, kitchen witches, and hot men in kilts make this friends-to-lovers modern day Scottish fairytale a romping good time. I draw the line at serving people grasshoppers for dinner. As luck would have it, on the same day I quit my job as head chef at Suzette’s, a fine-dining restaurant in Boston, I was offered an opportunity to open a restaurant at a castle in Scotland. But now that I’m here in Loren Brae, I’m not so sure this city girl can hack it. The nights are too quiet–with no horns honking or insults being hurled–and everyone knows my business. And on the first day of my new life? I meet the hottest man I’d ever seen before. Munroe Curaigh. Owner of Common Gin, a dedicated nerd, innately shy, with the biggest golden retriever energy of any man I’d ever met. He immediately appoints himself my protector and I’d be annoyed if his kisses weren’t so wickedly hot. Still waters run deep, and all that. Speaking of still waters…it appears that Loch Mirren is haunted by murderous Kelpies and the people of Loren Brae need my help. That’s right. It turns out that I’m descended from a long line of Kitchen Witches and Loren Brae needs me, Lia, a chef from Boston, to help save them from an ancient curse. So what’s a girl to do? It’s time to sharpen my kitchen knife, pull out my recipe book of spells, and get to work–or this tiny village in Scotland that I’m quickly falling in love with will be in danger. That is, if I can come up for air from Munroe’s decadent kisses.
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