Wild Lands

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
12 hours 23 minutes
War is coming to the Wild Lands ...

One month after the defeat of a rogue group of terrorists, the United States struggles to maintain control over the New Frontier. The untamed sector of America simmers as opportunists, criminals, and marauders wait to fill the void
left behind. An extremist faction of the Navajo Nation called the Rattlesnakes have waited years for this moment. Their leader launches their first, brutal attack on a water treatment and power facility in Colorado.

The message is clear to Colorado Sheriff Lindsey Plymouth and her foreign allies working to keep peace: a new enemy has risen up. Lindsey enlists Raven Spears to track the Rattlesnakes and bring their leader to justice before they can strike
again. As the trail gets hot, Raven realizes this is just one of many assaults the Rattlesnakes have planned to conquer the New Frontier.

With violence spilling over the borders, America’s foreign allies begin to question the cost to their own forces and start to withdraw. Lindsey and the Colorado Rangers scramble to find new allies, but it will take more than a few friends to
hold back the growing Rattlesnake army. If they fail to defeat this new evil, it will devour the New Frontier.
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Marilyn S.

This was my least favorite due to the amount of good guys that were killed off. I expected more info in aftermath of EMT, or the great a bomb that took out Washington. Too many long war scenes.

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Good addition to the first series

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Angela P.

I like these stories but they are getting redundant. I also feel like for how smart and tactical everyone is (Rangers, SEALS, etc), they fall for all the traps the bad guys set. I'd like to see a book where they don't do that. You'd think by now (2+ years since the attack) that they'd have learned a thing or two.

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