Wild in a Kilt

Wild in a Kilt

Written by:
Anna Durand
Narrated by:
Stella Hunter , John Hartley
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
8 hours 55 minutes
The gruffest, growliest, most elusive Hot Scot is about to meet his match.

Never talk to a naked man in the woods. I learned that lesson when my solo kayaking trip in the Wyoming wilderness turned into a disaster. The Scottish beast who saved me insists on taking me back to his cabin. Where there's no cell service. No one around for miles, either. And his car is broken. My savior has a deliciously hot body. But I don’t like men with long hair and scruffy beards.

He's known as Munro 'Wild Man' MacTaggart. That's just a goofy nickname, right? Um, not quite…

A woman has invaded my sanctuary. Natalie Saari never stops talking. I don't care if she's bonnie and sexy and I'd love to shag her. After giving up on my career as a river guide, I only wanted to be left alone. What will I do to get rid of Natalie? Whatever it takes. But a storm strands us in my cabin, and soon, things get a wee bit out of hand.

And now the lass who despises me is about to realize just how wild I can get.

Wild in a Kilt is the thirteenth book in the bestselling Hot Scots series of contemporary romance.
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