Wild Horses

Written by:
Dick Francis
Narrated by:
Simon Prebble

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
10 hours 30 minutes
Once a blacksmith, now famous and respected as a newspaperman, Valentine Clark knows everyone who is anyone in the racing world. Aged, confused, blind, and dying, he harbors a daunting secret that he is desperate to be rid of and makes his last confession to his visiting film-director friend, Thomas Lyon, whom in his delirium he mistakes for a priest. Unburdened and at peace, Valentine passes away, yet his legacy remains, guarded by Thomas.

On location in Newmarket, Thomas is troubled by the old man’s secret. Seeking to understand this puzzling revelation, he uncovers a long-unsolved mystery that he soon finds is very much unforgotten. But as much as he wants to learn more, it seems he already knows too much. Imaginative and decisive though he may be, he will need superhuman courage and extreme cunning to stay alive.
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Shae P.

A compelling, fast-paced page turner that I couldn’t put down. Unforeseen plot twists keep the reader engaged...don’t miss it!!

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Ian H.

DF always tells a great story

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Richard N

Dick Francis wrote a great story and Simon Prebble provides perfect narration - new and long-time DF fans will enjoy this immensely.

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