Who Wants that Perfect Love Story Anyway

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
5 hours 2 minutes
Camren is what you call a plus-size diva, but she’s having a hard time getting her baby’s father to love her. When she comes across some devastating news, she runs into the arms of another man—Royal, the brother of her best friend, Jamie. Jamie and Ashaun's marriage is on the rocks because Ashaun had a baby with another woman. He caters to her in every way, hoping she’ll forgive him, but she can’t get over the betrayal. She longs for her first love, even though she has to pretend she doesn’t even know him, out of fear of what her brothers might think. Royal and Jamie’s baby brother, Corey, is a wild one. Always hopping from woman to woman, he has a serious temper, and only one person can bring out his soft side—Tee-Tee. But no one knows about their love affair because she’s also a member of The Fam, the most notorious drug cartel in the whole DMV. When secret love affairs are exposed and jealous exes can’t let go, who will remain?
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