Who Wants that Perfect Love Story Anyway 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
5 hours 41 minutes
Cam and Royal are on the ins and outs. Royal is fed up with Koran and Camren’s games. Is he willing to throw in the towel? Will Camren figure out who she wants before it's too late? Jamie and Ashaun were getting on the right track until they were startled with news that put pressure on their marriage. Ashaun is tired of being married, and Jamie wants nothing more than to run into Kejuan’s arms. But Kejuan is already in a relationship. Would he be willing to leave his girlfriend to rekindle what he and Jamie once had? Corey’s with Myla, but he’s still in love with Tee-Tee, who has a terrible past that no one knows about. Will she seek help, or would that push her closer to the edge? She’s tired of begging Corey for forgiveness for sleeping with Ashaun. Will he forgive her before it’s too late? Myla’s not willing to give him up—she’ll do anything to keep him and Tee-Tee apart. When tragedy strikes, it changes everything. New relationships blossom, relationships and friendships are tested, and in the end, all they all have is love to hold on to. Can it conquer all?
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