Who the Hell is That?

Written by:
David Achord
Narrated by:
Graham Halstead

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
10 hours 13 minutes
There has been a major upheaval at Mount Weather. The president has been assassinated. Her running mate, who was her husband, is sworn in as president in order to preserve democracy, but in only a short time his behavior has put the Mount Weather community in a state of turmoil. If that wasn't bad enough, Chinese soldiers have been discovered on American soil and the zeds, already an ever present danger, are continuing to show signs of cognition and teamwork. The motives of both are unknown but do not bode well for the survivors.
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Absolutely love this series. Have listened multiple times and it never gets old

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Mark G.

Pretty good continuation of the series, although it would appear this is to be the final book. It would be possible to continue it from here, but the indications are that he won't. Broadly speaking as enjoyable as the books that came before it, but with a bit less Zac

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Lois B.

I'm really sorry that this is the last in the series. I went to the authors site and there are no more! I really enjoyed this series but could have tied up all loose ends better. I love the narrator and will look for more books he has done.

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Florentina G.

This book written in the same manner as the other books in the series which I love. I had mixed feeling to purchase the book because in the last one the writer started something like a "war", but it was not the case. I am a big fan of the books. I am happy I have listened to it. The narrator is lovely as usual and he makes me feel like I'm there.

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Lee R.

Best apocalypse series ever! Awesome narration as well!

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