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Who Is the New How: Strategies to Find, Recruit, and Create the Best Teams

Narrated by:
Dan Strutzel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
5 hours 56 minutes
Recruit, create, and retain the best teams

In Who Is the New How: Strategies to Find, Recruit, and Create the Best Teams, a team of accomplished talent experts delivers a hands-on roadmap to filling your most mission-critical roles with the best people. In the book, you’ll explore strategies that guide the world’s most innovative companies and high-performing organizations as they scour the globe to build impactful, productive teams.

You’ll learn how to reimagine your talent acquisition strategy, from who you’re looking for to how you should recruit them. You’ll also discover how and why to say goodbye to familiar phrases like, “just get a butt in the seat,” and counter-productive metrics like “time-to-fill.” The authors also explain:
Why identifying candidates aligned with your company’s mission and culture is so critical to long-term talent success
How using the right combination of technology and human expertise in the recruitment process can be the key to winning top talent
What building teams filled with the right people can do for your team’s morale and ultimately make companies successful
A revolutionary new approach to one of the most critical issues facing organizations today, Who Is the New How is the talent playbook that business and HR leaders have been waiting for.
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I put in 2 and a half hours and I can't do any more. The book is taking a ton of time explaining what it is to be diverse and its benefits. I could likely get the same info from Google in 1-2 sentences. The narrator was had to pay attention to. My mind was constantly wondering off.

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