The White Sniper: Simo Häyhä

Written by:
Tapio Saarelainen
Narrated by:
Nigel Patterson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
5 hours 9 minutes
Simo Häyhä (1905-2002) is the most famous sniper in the world. During the Winter War fought between Russia and Finland in 1939-1940 he had 542 confirmed kills with iron sights, a record that still stands today. He has been a role model for snipers all over the world.

Simo Häyhä was a man of action who spoke very little, but he was respected by his men and his superiors and given many difficult missions, including taking out specific targets. Able to move silently and swiftly through the landscape, melting into the snowbound surroundings in his white camouflage fatigues, his aim was deadly and his quarry rarely escaped. The Russians learned of his reputation as a marksman and tried several times to kill him by indirect fire. He was promoted from corporal to second lieutenant and he was awarded the Cross of Kollaa.

After the war Simo Häyhä lead a quiet, unassuming life in farming and forestry. His roots were deep in the Finnish soil, and he loved life in rural Finland. A true patriot, he epitomized the traits of a professional soldier, performing his duty and setting an example of bravery that personified the Finnish spirit when confronted by the Russian onslaught. The White Sniper fully explores Simo Häyhä's life, his exploits in the Winter War, and the secrets behind his success.
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Peter H.

Very interesting chronicle of a famous sniper. Only about half of the book is about Hämä the rest provides some general info on Winter War, Finnish rifles and sniper training

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very detailed book about the ideas and life about a talented sniper.

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Michael M.

Sadly this book misses the mark and largely avoids any of the subjects amazing wartime history. I would recommend seeking other books on the topic.

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