Whispers in the Dark

#4 of KGI
Written by:
Maya Banks
Narrated by:
Harry Berkeley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2012
11 hours 37 minutes
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Maya Banks here continues her enthralling series based around the Kelly brothers-six rugged men who make up an elite military group. When Nathan Kelly is finally rescued from behind enemy lines, he credits his life to Shea, whose psychic voice sustained his spirit through it all. But now Shea has gone silent, and Nathan fears she's in trouble. Can he find Shea in time to repay the tremendous debt he owes her?
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tina tuttle

A fun read. This is the first book by Banks I have listened to. I liked the description. Won't detail the book description as others have done, but if you like Christine Feehan's Ghostwalkers AND her Drake Sisters, you'll like this book. Less paranormal than those series but genetically enhanced sisters by shady govt organization, coupled with uber-alpha team of special forces heros (brothers) who run missions for other shady parts of govt. I would have a couple comments for the author: 1. Its called PTSD. Its ok to say. Its not okay that no one told the protagonist he needs counseling after being tortured for a year. In all the heartbreaking tension after his return, there was no outsider or insider telling the large concerned family what to expect and how to deal causing even more problems for the protag. 2. Ditto, female protag. This isn't something that goes away or is solved by love and family, no matter how supportive. If not dealt with, it becomes more emeshed in the worldview and often results in unhealthy coping strategies (often harmful). Those reminders notwithstanding, what I most liked about the book was the close focus on the development of the relationship (rather than the often--SEX GOOD=therefore, we'll make it!). Unlike a few highly rated books I've listened to lately, I really enjoyed the long epilogue. Happy ever after is great. Its why we read these things. But love doesn't conquer all and I enjoyed the quiet resolutions and wrapups after the action climax. A good read/listen. Beware of speaker volume during sex scenes. They were well done and fun, but I did a flying dash across the room to kill the volume (grin) before neighbors could hear while I was cleaning house. Well done Ms Banks. I hope Audible/Audiobooks.com brings over the otherr books in this series.

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debbie quebedeaux

Awesome as always! Maya always keeps you wanting to listen to the next chapter! Deb q

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Not as good as others in this series. Still a good story f a little out there

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Michelle A.


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