When Money Talks: A History of Coins and Numismatics

Written by:
Frank L. Holt
Narrated by:
Walter Dixon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
7 hours 11 minutes
Coinage-it is one of the most successful and consistent technologies ever invented. Nothing else we still use in everyday life has a history quite like it. Look around at all the things that would bewilder a Greek, Roman, or Renaissance ancestor; then, dig into your purse or pocket for that one artifact that they would immediately recognize. Historian Frank L. Holt takes us on a journey through the history of numismatics, the study of coins-one of the oldest and most important contributions to the arts and humanities.

For 2600 years, poets, economists, philosophers, historians, and theologians have pondered the mysteries of money. Who invented coins, and why? Does coinage function beyond our control? How has it changed world history and culture? What does numismatics reveal about our past that could never be discovered from any other source? How has numismatics advanced using modern science? Does it still suffer from racist ideas about physiognomy and phrenology? The approach taken in this book is as multifaceted as coined money itself. Coins are integral to our economic, social, political, religious, and cultural history. When Money Talks explores each aspect of coinage, and takes a special interest in how coins have appeared in literature and pop culture, ranging in its analysis from Greek drama and the New Testament to TV sitcoms and meme theory.
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