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Whatever It Takes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
6 hours 24 minutes
Jason Quill

I left the FBI because of a personal relationship that blew up in my face. He was the one and I let him go. I knew my brother-his best friend-had feelings for him, and I couldn't get in the way of that. Now, I'm living in a small town and working for a detective agency trying to stop a serial killer before they strike again. I focused everything on my job and let my love life wither in the process.

But the case is a hard one to crack and backup is called. That backup? Matthew Hale, FBI agent, behavioral analyst, and my first ever true love and real heartbreak. This was about to get very interesting.

Matthew Hale

I loved working for the FBI. It was a childhood dream come true, a job that took me all over the country and helped me make a positive difference in peoples' lives. I felt fulfilled. Mostly. I was still missing something-someone. Jason Quill, a man I expected to stay in my past and who surprised me by showing up in my present after I accept a serial killer case in Blue Creek, New Hampshire. It was just like old times, and just as complicated.

One thing I was certain of: we were going to figure this all out, whatever it took, once and for all.

Contains mature themes.
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