What Does the K Stand For?: A BBC Radio 4 Sitcom About Growing up Black, Gay and Funny in 1980s London

What Does the K Stand For?: A BBC Radio 4 Sitcom About Growing up Black, Gay and Funny in 1980s London

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
7 hours 28 minutes
Stand-up meets sitcom in Stephen K Amos’s semi-autobiographical show about growing up black, gay and funny in 1980s London

‘One of the most likable figures in British comedy Radio Times

Comedian Stephen K Amos is one of eight children, whose parents came to London from Nigeria in the 60s. In these three series, co-written with multi-award-winning British playwright Jonathan Harvey, he takes us back in time to the 1980s, as he reminisces about his dysfunctional childhood and formative experiences, and shares the dramas and traumas of his teenage years.

We join his younger self as he wrestles with his identlty; falls in love; overcomes his stage fright and takes the lead role in the school play, Balham Side Story. And as he takes his first steps into working life, he gets caught up in the Brixton riots, worries about his parents splitting up, and finally plucks up the courage to reveal a secret…

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah stars as Young Stephen, and each show is hosted by Stephen K Amos himself, adding stand-up narration and his own comic perspective. Among the cast are Ellen Thomas and Don Gilet as Stephen’s mum and dad, Fatou Sohna as Stephanie Amos, Gemma Whelan as Miss Collins, Michelle Butterly as Miss Bliss and Frankie Wilson as Jayson Jackson.

And the answer to the show’s title? You’ll have to listen and find out...

Production credits

Stephen K Amos – Himself
Young Stephen – Shaquille Ali-Yebuah
Stephanie Amos – Fatou Sohna
Virginia Amos – Ellen Thomas
Vincent Amos/Tanktop – Don Gilet
Miss Collins – Gemma Whelan
Jayson Jackson/John the Baptist – Frankie Wilson
PE Teacher/Red Coat/Philip/Check-in guy/Random Bloke – Harry Jardine
Fanni – Emerald O'Hanrahan
Fola – Kathryn Drysdale
Bo Bells/Taxi driver/Stephanie Turner – Rachel Atkins
Samaritan/Policeman/Taxi driver – David Seddon
Miss Bliss – Michelle Butterly
Mary Magdalene/Bette Davis/Sophie – Nadia Kamil
Boy Roy – Ryan Watson
Miss Hunt/Moira Stuart/Fergie – Margaret Cabourn-Smith
Princess – Jocelyn Jee Esien
Dustin – Laurie Kynaston
With Frances Barber, Bola Okun, Emerald Crankson, Karen Bartke and David Sterne

Written by Jonathan Harvey with Stephen K Amos
Produced by Colin Anderson and Paul Sheehan
Violin played by Rachel Barnes
Cover photography by Pal Hansen

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 27 November 2013-1 January 2014 (Series 1), 31 December 2014-4 February 2015 (Series 2), 25 January-15 February 2017 (Series 3)

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