We'll Always Have Summer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
6 hours 3 minutes
Belly has only loved two boys her entire life, Conrad Fisher and his younger
brother Jeremiah. She’s always known she’d marry one of them, although it’s
never been clear which one. Then Jeremiah proposes during Belly’s first year at
Against her mother’s protests, Belly impulsively accepts. But the expected bliss of
engagement is tempered by her lingering feelings for Conrad. Once and for all, she
must decide which brother is her soulmate—which means someone’s heart will
get broken.
Popular author Jenny Han delivers a gripping and emotional conclusion to the
story she began in The Summer I Turned Pretty (which received a starred review
from Publishers Weekly) and continued in It’s Not Summer Without You.
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Bella D.

conrad and belly forever

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Jacqueline C.

I love it so much! Definitely team Jeremiah!!

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Jurnee W.

i love this book sm help

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Jessica F.

I love all the books they are lovely

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Catherine S.

Best romance story ever!!!

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Melver D.

i love it sm ✨

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Tashaneil A.

Love it

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Now I know what to expect when they make season 3 come to life! So exited!

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Neeva M.

listened to the book because I watched 2 seasons of the show. the book was so good, and my heart sank. I think I knew it would always be Conrad but there were times I thought Jer would win her over. I'm so excited to see how the show is different than the book

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Chinita G.

I love this book

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Jenna N.

Loved that Lola and Chris narrated this book. Just wish Jere didn’t become the villain. Book two and team Jelly FTW!

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Isabella S.

team belly

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Olivia B.

Loved it.

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So beautifully read and written, really enjoyed it!

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Amy M.

Loved this series!!!

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Good novel! Easy listen but could be more juicy and exciting.

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Maria I.

Belly was rather smart in the first two books, here I started really questioning it. Also for me the final is rushed. Why the characters did what they did? Why they still wanted do it? Many many questions with no answers

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EmilyElisabeth W.

Never disappointed in Jenny Hans books. Sad to have finished the series but also loved the ending.

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Loved that they did their own narrations and obsessed with all three books

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absolutely loved it

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Jacqueline O.

Best ending ever

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Aaliyah S.

Love this series and loved the narration of Lola and Chris

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Wonderful book and series!

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Melissa D.

Loved listening to my favourite characters on the show as the narrators of this novel! Made it all the better !

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