Wealth Made Easy: Millionaires and Billionaires Help You Crack the Code to Getting Rich

Written by:
Greg S. Reid
Narrated by:
Graham Rowat

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
2 hours 58 minutes
For far too many of us, amassing wealth seems like a pipe dream. We assume that to become a 'high net worth' individual—someone who has over $1 million in liquid assets—we'd need some mysterious combination of genius and luck.

But what if we could solve this mystery?

Long gone are the days when captains of industry like John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie dominated the economic arena. Today, the world’s richest individuals are a diverse group of idea-generators who maintain a lower profile, keeping their successes—and their strategies—hidden from the public eye.

What if you could speed-dial these entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, and industry pioneers and personally ask each of them to tell you the one gold nugget that made them so wealthy?

Bestselling author Greg Reid did just that, traveling around the globe to meet with many of the world's most elusive, under-the-radar billionaires to crack the code of prosperity. At long last, you will have access to the wisdom of the world's wealthiest people—from entertainment pioneers to real estate tycoons—as they reveal how they built their wealth, held onto it, and continue to thrive in an ever-changing economy.

Wealth Made Easy is filled with eye-opening, real-world strategies, tips, and stories that will forever redefine the way you gauge your own success … and set you on the path toward your wildest dreams. Inside, discover exclusive, personal advice from those living at the top tier of wealth, including:

- Dan Fleyshman, the youngest founder of a publicly traded company
- Wayne Henuset, co-owner, chairman, and president of Energy Alberta Corporation and president of Willow Park Wines & Spirits
- Jules Haimovitz, entertainment executive best known for having created the Showtime, Lifetime, Sundance, and Smithsonian cable channels
- Ron Klein, inventor of the magnetic strip on the credit card
- Dr. Gene N. Landrum, founder of the Chuck E. Cheese concept of family entertainment
- Tonino Lamborghini, founder of the Tonino Lamborghini Company and son of Ferruccio Lamborghini—creator of the world famous Lamborghini sports cars—and heir to the Lamborghini fortune
- Walter O'Brien, executive producer and writer for the ScorpionTV series
- Brian Sidorsky, founder and CEO of Landsdowne Equity Ventures, a highly profitable family-owned real-estate business

And many more.

In the tradition of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Wealth Made Easy offers incisive, actionable advice with every flip of the page. Supplemented with useful sidebars and inspirational quotes, this book is your step-by-step guide to achieving everlasting abundance—directly from the minds of those who have already accomplished this feat.
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Mollen Maswanganyi

This is an easy overview of how to build wealth good and refreshing book.

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