The Wasteland Chronicles: The Post-Apocalyptic Box Set

Written by:
Kyle West
Narrated by:
Graham Halstead

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
50 hours 2 minutes
The entire Wasteland Chronicles series

No one expected Ragnarok. The miles-wide meteor fell from the sky in 2030, taking most of humanity with it. The lucky ones took refuge in the Bunkers. The unlucky ones had to deal with the meteor's aftermath . . . and the alien virus it unleashed.

Now, that virus is evolving, creating an army of mutants and monsters, mixing Earth genetics with something . . . not Earth. As humanity struggles in the wastelands of what's left, it might already be too late . . .

. . . unless a band of young heroes can rise up, and fight.
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I didn't really know what to expect from the series, never heard of Kyle West or the books, turned out I really enjoyed listening to the series, it has everything I enjoy, it contains vaults, wasteland, raiders, deadly virus, and dragons. I would highly recommend this series who have an interest in the same things.

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Brad B.

Amazing series. I was cautious but this was far better than i was expecting.

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Benjamin B.

Love this book series. it's kind of a mix of post-apocalypse and maybe fantasy. Started reading the books a few years back because of the post-apocalypse theme and found I enjoyed the fantasy stuff just as much if not more. the story is very unique. it's hard to find books series that doesn't just have more of the same. Picked this up on audio so I can enjoy it again. I enjoyed it the second time through just as much if not more. narrator was pretty good too. the series actually got me into the author and found his new book series are even better.

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Mitchell I.

This series starts off with a lot of potential but quickly becomes a difficult story to follow due to its constant contradictions and poor writing. It’s almost as if the writer forgets his own facts and doesn’t bother trying to check them.

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Not sure this is ready for publication. The editor needs a better understanding of English, timeline of infection is screwed up

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Josh R.

not very good. so, so at best

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Didn't like the author's style nor the narrator. The story has potential but the way it is written makes it feel like a B-movie. Thumbs down for this one.

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Scott S.

The books are great. The story is well written and compelling. Narration is the problem. From book to book the characters developed ridiculous accents that really hamper listening. one example is a character named Michael Sanchez. In the first book no accent, later in the series he suddenly has a Chicano accent that makes no sense. Then another main character Augustus takes on a British accent when a book earlier he had no accent. It might sound petty but it it is irritating and distracting as hell. To the narrator, please pay attention in your future work.

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Brett W.

A great read/listen. There were a few plot holes, very minor overall and enough to look past. Taken in context, within the mind and actions of a 16 year old protagonist, makes it more realistic. Story borrows ideas from other mainstream sci-fi novels, but does a good job remaining original. A few concepts were a little out there, which Alex even admits, but are then explained right after. Overall, I felt that this was a very realistic version of a dystopian future novel involving aliens. I recommend reading the entire chronicles. I hope to see a movie or series made from this in the future because it would be entertaining.

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Great series. highly enjoyed all the books. Superb narrator.

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