The Warrior's Echo

Written by:
Paula Quinn
Narrated by:
Paul Woodson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
8 hours 21 minutes
Book 3 in the fabulous series Echoes in Time by New York Times bestselling author Paula Quinn!

When actress Camelee Pendrey is hurled back in time a thousand years and finds herself caught under the nets of deadly-looking men on horseback, she's sure of one thing: she will never survive. Eleventh century Britain is nothing as she imagined. To begin with, there is a Dane on the throne! Worse, there's one in her bed. They are everywhere. Conquering, capturing, enslaving the Saxons acre by acre.

But Camelee isn't a Saxon, and she's nobody's servant. Not even the deadly Viking who claims to own her and then promises to own her heart as well.

Chief Wolf Kristiansen is the king's most dangerous warrior. When his men capture a beautiful new servant beneath their nets, he does not know where she came from, nor does he care. She is his now. That is all that matters. Along with his possession comes protection, and he is called upon many times to keep Camelee Pendrey safe. But it's Wolf who is in danger.

His heart is given up for one woman and casts him into a fight with a king and his legendary sword, an enemy sorceress out for revenge, and the very fabric of time itself.

Contains mature themes.
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