Voyagers III: Star Brothers

Written by:
Ben Bova
Narrated by:
Stefan Rudnicki

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2006
11 hours 45 minutes
Astronaut Keith Stoner, member of a joint US-Soviet mission to capture an alien ship that had entered the solar system, was trapped alone aboard the spacecraft. But he didn’t die; he lay frozen in deep sleep for fifteen years, kept alive by alien biotechnology. Now Stoner is something more than just a man. While asleep he was inoculated with nanotechnology designed to repair his body, expand his brain, and let him live forever. Stoner also carries the knowledge and memories of the being whose body was enshrined in the alien craft. He now knows of many different intelligent races that destroyed themselves, battering themselves to death on the stony problems of war, famine, runaway population, and ill-planned technological breakthroughs. Stoner fears for mankind, and he will do everything in his power—his extensive, alien-enhanced power—to preserve humanity into the future. However, there are powerful leaders, both corporate and political, who are becoming aware of Stoner, and they want that power for themselves—and will do anything to gain it. Nothing Stoner can say or do will convince these ruthless men and women that what they seek may destroy them utterly.
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