Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
16 hours 11 minutes
Luke Chmilenko and G. D. Penman present Book 3 in the Savage Dominion series.
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Isaac T.

This book deeply upset me, because it's over!!! It was a balance of comedy, gore and adventure baked to a crispy brown perfection. (sad face) I need mooooore.

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James C.

Great story to follow and the narrator makes it even better.

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Jason B.

About five hours too long…how many different and increasingly crass ways are there to write a “I keep finding creative ways to unsuccessfully defeat the Final Boss?”

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good story and always made me laugh

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Jonathan G.

By far one of my favorite series. These books had me laughing constantly and I can’t say enough good things about them. Just got done listening to the third book and I’m already starting the series over. Well done Luke, G.D. and Luke.

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Tom D.

This is the best narrator I have ever heard in the decade I have been listening to audiobooks! The story is also awesome!

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Alicia M Gioia

loved this whole series!

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So glad I downloaded the first book as a VIP, loved every minute of the sarcasm, humor and all the characters contained in this series. So sad it’s over though but loved it the same.

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Lawrence S.

Good hearted series worth the time to listen

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Bridget Sedgwick

I love this series

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Fantastic series!! Love the banter!!

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