Violet and Victor Write the Best-Ever Bookworm Book

Written by:
Alice Kuipers
Narrated by:
Emma Lysy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
0 hours 6 minutes
Violet and Victor Small are twins on a mission: to write the best book in the whole, entire world--together! Victor is reluctant, but Violet is determined, and soon the ideas can't come quickly enough.
They begin to write a story about a hungry Bookworm who is eating all the books in the library. Thanks to Victor's brilliant ideas, Violet is able to save the day (and the library).

This delightful story-within-a-story is filled with good-natured sibling rivalry, and focuses on the spirit of cooperation, the satisfaction of a job well-done, and the magic of storytelling.
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