Vampire Hunter D: Volume 5 - The Stuff of Dreams [Dramatized Adaptation]: Vampire Hunter D 5

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
5 hours 28 minutes
'In a world where even the smallest and most remote village is being terrorized by the monsters that stalk the night, there is a hamlet, prosperous and peaceful, where mortals and vampires have lived in harmony for years. It is there that seventeen-year-old Sheavil Schmidt has slept, neither waking nor aging, for thirty years since first receiving the vampire's immortal kiss. The mysterious Vampire Hunter D is lured to the tranquil oasis by recurrent dreams of the beautiful, undying girl bathed in an eerie blue light and dancing in a ghostly chateau.

Performed by Scott McCormick, David Cui Cui, Jefferson A. Russell, Debi Tinsley, Ken Jackson, Tuyet Thi Pham, Jeri Marshall, Terence Aselford, Duyen Washington, Torian Brackett, Zeke Alton, James Lewis, Dawn Ursula, Brandon Burton, KenYatta Rogers, James J. Johnson and Julienne Irons.'
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