Written by:
Amy Jarecki
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
6 hours 34 minutes
Jason owned the field—a major player, the best of the best. Invincible…

Until he drove home with three other wide receivers. The semi came out of nowhere and in one minuscule flash, his dreams were destroyed. Now as the machines endlessly beep around his hospital bed, he doesn’t understand how he survived. And he’s not sure he wants to keep living. Except when he hears her voice—a voice like melted caramel swirled in molten chocolate. The only way he can meet her is to open his eyes. But he just can’t do that right now.

Raised in the system, Ellie plays the drums. Her sticks kept her out of juvie during high school—got her a scholarship, too. But now that she’s a student at Madison U, she’s as invisible as a clump of dirt beneath the grass on the football field. There’s only one person in school she talks to—and he’s in a coma. God save her if he ever wakes up.
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