Under Ten Thousand Stars

Written by:
Samantha Wood
Narrated by:
Caroline Lee

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
8 hours 43 minutes
'Michael was my love ... the perfect man, the perfect husband. I had the perfect life. And then it all went wrong.'

Julia Falconer is an artist married to a successful winemaker in the coastal hinterland of southern Victoria. From the outside, it looks like Julia and Michael have it all ‒ but things are never as they seem. A storm has destroyed a major crop, Michael is devastated, and is taking it out on Julia. And Julia retreats into herself, taking solace in her work, wine ... and the comfort of her friend Christopher.

Having stopped communicating almost entirely with Michael, Julia finds herself grappling with how her feelings towards Christopher are changing. He listens, he cares, he talks. But what does he really want?

Soon Julia will discover how wrong she was about the man she thought she loved ... and the man she really does love.

Under Ten Thousand Stars is a story about secrets and lies, loss and betrayal, and how people are never what they seem.
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