UFO of GOD: The Extraordinary True Story of Chris Bledsoe

UFO of GOD: The Extraordinary True Story of Chris Bledsoe

Written by:
Chris Bledsoe
Narrated by:
Daniel Roueche
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
7 hours 53 minutes

The case began 16 years ago and the government was the only one that listened. Why is that? “The Invisible College took notice…and so should you.” —Jim Semivan, CIA

Are the biblical stories of angels in the Old Testament being witnessed today? Are UFOs messengers from God?

Chris Bledsoe, a deeply religious family man and successful business owner from North Carolina was on the verge of the unthinkable after losing everything in the 2007 financial crisis and suffering from a debilitating chronic disease. Fishing along the banks of the Cape Fear River with three co-workers and his teenage son, he walks away from the group and cries out to God in a desperate prayer for help. Suddenly, a UFO appears and saves his life and cures him of his illness. Experiencing four hours of missing time, he returns to his group and finds them troubled. Terrified, they run for their lives as several UFOs chase them home.

This is the true story of hope, love, lies and deception, involving NASA, the CIA, a string of professors, and the church.

Prepare to go on a spiritual journey of awakening and transformation with a visit from the Lady, the Vatican, remote viewing, assassination plot of the Pope, dripping orbs, a burning tree, the Monroe Institute, and healing the son of an elite Washington DC power broker with ties to the White House. 16 years on, the phenomena still visits the Bledsoe family and affects the lives of people who come in contact with them. To outsiders this can be seen as demonic, but to those willing to keep an open mind, it is a blessing.

“Do not be surprised if you, the reader, become one of them. Strap in for a wild ride.” —Col. John B. Alexander, PhD. Retired U.S. Army
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This is the most amazing story I have ever heard. It blows open everything and, if true (and I believe it is), means our reality is completely different to what we have been led to believe. This is disclosure. Chris is a very humble man with great powers and is an inspiration.

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