Twelve Nights at Rotter House

Written by:
J.W. Ocker
Narrated by:
Matt Godfrey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
7 hours 48 minutes
Felix Allsey is a travel writer with a keen eye for the paranormal, and he's carved out a unique, if only slightly lucrative, niche for himself in nonfiction; he writes travelogues of the country's most haunted places, after haunting them himself.

When he convinces the owner of the infamous Rotterdam Mansion to let him stay on the premises for two weeks, he believes he's finally found the location that will bring him a bestseller. As with his other gigs, he sets rules for himself: no leaving the house for any reason, refrain from outside contact, and sleep during the day.

When Thomas Ruth, Felix's oldest friend and fellow horror film obsessive, joins him on the project, the two dance around a recent and unspeakably painful rough-patch in their friendship, but eventually fall into their old rhythms of dark humor and movie trivia. That's when things start going wrong: screams from upstairs, figures in the thresholds, and more than what should be in any basement. Felix realizes the book he's writing, and his very state of mind, is tilting from nonfiction into all out horror, and the shocking climax answers a question that's been staring these men in the face all along: In Rotter House, who's haunting who?
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April M.

This book was gross. The main character completely unlikable. Racist undertones make enjoying this book impossible, uncomfortable and awkward. Unnecessary graphic sexual scenes are pointless and nauseating. Paragraphs of mind numbing conversation that you will forget about after the next page. And it isn’t scary at all. What a waste of my credit. The only plus was the narrator was excellent. I feel sorry he had to read this out loud.

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Ann O.

too much like hard work ...sorry

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Anita O.

The narrator was perfect for the book. I did especially like the ending.

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Wow! Very well written, very well narrated AND an unexpected ending. Great book!!!

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Dawn H.

I enjoyed this one. Loved the narrator's voice...really fut the character I thought. I do not feel like I wasted a some listens leave me feeling!

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Nancy C.

I Loved this book.

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