Turtle Summer: A Journal for my Daughter

Written by:
Mary Alice Monroe
Narrated by:
Mary Alice Monroe

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2007
0 hours 7 minutes
This is a companion book to Mary Alice Monroe's novel, Swimming Lessons, the sequel to The Beach House. In the novel, the readers witness a young mother, Toy, writing a journal for her daughter, Little Lovie. This is the journal Toy is writing. Using original photographs, this scrapbook journal explains the nesting cycle of sea turtles and the natural life along the Southeastern coast, including local shore birds, shells, and the sea turtle hospital. Adults and children will enjoy the images, information and the journal with or without the novel. The "For Creative Minds" educational section includes turtle nesting facts, a shell identification activity, and a make-your-own nature journal.
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