Turquoise: A First Love Can Last a Lifetime

Written by:
Rain Carrington
Narrated by:
Declan Winters

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
10 hours 20 minutes
Spanning fourteen years, this is an epic tale of true and undying love. This story will grab your heart, break it, and put it back together again….
In the mountains of New Mexico lives a group of boys who are inseparable. Playing together and sharing their lives, this group of six are like brothers.
That is until they grow up and one of them leaves the rez to fulfill his dream.
One of the boys misses him more than the others. From the moment they met as babies, Garcia Blacksnake has harbored a love for Angel Quintana that never faltered and grew with him as he grew. When Angel leaves New Mexico for New York to chase his dream of making fine jewelry, Garcia, heartbroken, occupies his time until the love of his life returns.
And Angel does return, coming back when tragedy strikes, weighed down with secrets he does not want his old friends to know. Secrets about the life he lives, as his dreams came true, turning to nightmares he cannot seem to escape.
Can childhood friends help save him from a sadistic man who holds Angel’s dream in his hands? Can Garcia’s love help him to trust himself and others again?
Find out in this tale of love that will pull you in and make you remember it for as long as Garcia has loved Angel….
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