The Truth (And Lies!) Of Entrepreneurship

Written by:
Larry Winget
Narrated by:
Dan Strutzel
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
6 hours 37 minutes
"Larry Winget is NOT against starting your own business or becoming an entrepreneur. He is against doing it the wrong way, with no plan, little preparation and only your passion to rely on.

In this new book from successful entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author, Larry Winget, you'll learn the TRUTH about what you really need to know before you go into business, so you can stay in business. Forget passion, motivation, "loving what you do", etc. Those things matter, but only a little. What really matters is finding a problem and solving it, serving your customer better than the competition, knowing how to sell and managing your time, resources and employees.

According to Larry Winget, there are scores of ""so-called"" experts on entrepreneurship out there who have never run a successful business themselves, and yet they are peddling endless motivational cliche's about how YOU can be successful. Cliches like: ""Just find a business you love, and the money will follow!""; ""Become an entrepreneur because of the freedom it gives you!""'; ""Become an entrepreneur so you can 'change the world!'""; ""Believe it and you can achieve it!""; ""Teamwork is the key to making your business a success!""; ""For entrepreneurs to win in the social media world, they need to 'get clicks' and make bold, even shocking claims""; and so much more.

Larry has another word for these cliches: LIES! And if you are thinking of starting your own business, and you have bought into any of these lies, Larry implores you to keep your day job, so you don't lose your shirt!

You will not only be asked the tough questions in this book, you'll get the answers. Questions like: Is your business necessary? What problem does it solve? What need does it fill? What pain does it alleviate? What tangible benefit will the customer receive? What should I charge? What gives you the right to be in business?

Learn how to:
Hire and fire
Manage employees according to the core values of honesty, integrity and more
Serve your customer the way they want to be served skill is more important
Create value in the mind of the customer
"Circle the Wagons" and defend yourself and your business when it all goes to Hell
This ""tell it like it is"" tour de force in business preparation and business survival is the toolkit you need before you quit your day job, and start your journey to true entrepreneurial success!"
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