The Truth About Melody Browne

Written by:
Lisa Jewell
Narrated by:
Antonia Beamish

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
10 hours 26 minutes
When she was nine years old, Melody Browne's house burned down, and it took all of her childhood memories with it. Now she's a single mother of a teenage boy living in Central London. She hasn't seen her parents since she left home at fifteen, but she doesn't mind. She's better off on her own. She works as a dinner lady at her son's school and has no idea where her humdrum life is heading. But one summer's night, a hypnotist inadvertently unlocks memories of her childhood, and her whole life is turned upside down. At first, these new memories mean nothing to her, but as Melody slowly begins to piece together the real story of her childhood, she begins to uncover mystery after mystery and wonders if she'll ever know the truth about her past...
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I enjoyed the book. The narrator has a beautiful voice and breezes through the story and characters with poise and ease. The storyline kept me interested and curious to see how it would all tie together.

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Another good book by Lisa Jewell!!! Just discovered her a few months back. I’ll be queuing up more of her books soon. The narrator hit it on the mark for the characters too. Definitely worth the read!!!

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Amanda Presher

good read, definitely recommend

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Great story.

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Lauren E

I love Lisa Jewell books. Did not disappoint! Worth the credit.

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John R.

little girl has everything possible go wrong--strains credulity at some points--and the slow (very slow) unfolding of how she discovers herself. it's a ten hour penny dreadful listen, have at it if that's your cup of tea.

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Excellent book and narration

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Such an emotional book. I cried for this little girl many times.

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Selena Grcic

I had a very difficult time listening to this book. It jumped around a lot and it caused the story to lose it's flow. I also did not find the narration easy to listen to. The voices seemed to get mixed up and therefore added to the confusion when the author was jumping back and forth in time and memories. This seems like it could be a very good story if it were organized a bit better.

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Mary B.

It was a good story well told.

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Kristen P.

It’s very slow. I can’t get through it. It’s just not grabbing my attention.

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B. K. J.

A sweet story beautifully narrated with a happy ending…for all except Melody’s adoptive mother, for whom I felt much sadness …

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Angelina A.

Enjoyable listen.

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Amy A.

Very nicely written and narrated. Unlike many best selling authors who pump out novel after novel full of cliche situations and 1-dimensional characters who seem to have been written for tv instead of books, this story felt genuine. It's hard for me to explain, but I really enjoyed Lisa Jewell's writing style, and the story kept me engaged the entire time. The narrator also did a wonderful job!

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I enjoyed the book a lot. The narrator was great and really engaged each character. I was intrigued and wanted to learn the outcome.

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J R.

Good book, but not great. We bought it because it was penned by Lisa Jewell, expected a little more.

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Sabra G.

Completed 10/2023; Enjoyed the story and the narrator. I had to pay attention to comprehend where Melody was when if I didn't hear the chapter title.

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Susan R

I really enjoyed the story, Lisa Jewell is one of my favs.

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Jessica MAZICH

I really loved this book. I enjoyed jumping from current to past and learning about her as she remembered. Powerful story.

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Shelby G.

Story was decent but a little all over.

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