True North

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
12 hours 19 minutes
I'm fine being the pack wallflower until my fated mate rejects me, sending me off to lick my wounds with my sister's pack. I build a comfortable life with the new pack, content to settle where I am as I ward off suitors whose interest isn't entirely noble.

Until my presence puts the pack in danger.

My only choice is to run, but I don't count on an overzealous shifter forcing me onto the pack land of Alpha Dominic himself. It's been three years since he rejected me, but my wolf seems to think it never happened at all.

Now, I'm desperate to run again, even if it means accepting life as a rogue. But Dominic has other ideas, and he's happy to keep me in his pack house against my will until I'm ready to comply.

When my family's forgotten legacy is recovered-bringing a rush of power I didn't know I had-I have to decide if it's easier working with the Alpha or against him.

After all, the fates don't take kindly to being ignored.

And Dominic and I? We're double-fated.
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