True Love

Written by:
Peter Walker
Narrated by:
Peter Walker

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
0 hours 29 minutes
Of the billions of humans now alive and kicking, let two of them fall in love, marry, and yet it can’t stick. They chose each other, and even still…
Just two can’t make ‘love’ work – not two lovers, two races, two nations, two siblings, two people.
We crave to know true love. That’s the deep well of thirst in every eye, every soul. It’s not in our control, however. Our own spirits are not the source, the spring - that’s why our ‘love’ breaks down.
When we see this, when we feel this, our hearts cry out to God to know true love. We need his touch, not just a story. We need the healing Spirit of God’s love, not a religion.
In this short book I share with you the simple, powerful story of Jesus and his offer of God’s love and Spirit to you.
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