True Believer: A Novel

Written by:
Jack Carr
Narrated by:
Ray Porter

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
15 hours 45 minutes

“Jack Carr and his alter-ego protagonist, James Reece, continue to blow me away.” —Mark Greaney, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Mission Critical

In #1 New York Times author Jack Carr’s follow-up to The Terminal List, former Navy SEAL James Reece’s skill, cunning, and heroism put the US government back in his debt and set him on another path of revenge.

When a string of horrific terrorist attacks plagues the Western world during the holiday season, the broader markets fall into a tailspin. The attacks are being coordinated by a shadowy former Iraqi commando who has disappeared into Europe’s underground. The United States government has an asset who can turn the Iraqi against his masters: James Reece, the most-wanted domestic terrorist alive.

After avenging the deaths of his family and team members, Reece emerges deep in the wilds of Mozambique, protected by the family of his estranged best friend and former SEAL Team member. When a series of events uncovers his whereabouts, the CIA recruits him, using a Presidential pardon for Reece and immunity for the friends who helped him in his mission of vengeance.

Now a reluctant tool of the United States government, Reece travels the globe, targeting terrorist leaders, unraveling a geopolitical conspiracy that exposes a traitorous CIA officer, and uncovering a sinister assassination plot with worldwide repercussions.

A high-intensity roller-coaster race against time, True Believer is “one of this year’s hottest thrillers, and a perfect fit for fans of Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and Daniel Silva” (The Real Book Spy).
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Jack C.

I can’t help but think the entire time that this could really happen. Great book and great underlying messages.

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Annie E.

I love all things Jack Carr

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Arlene Lowe

I really enjoy the way the storylines keep me engaged. I also appreciate that there isnt a lot of repetitive back story.

Profile Avatar
Sam D.

I enjoyed every minute

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Ronald Johnson


Profile Avatar
Michael T.

Slower than the first book but picks up about 1/2 way through. Very haunting and believable.

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Matt M.

Great book, great series. At times the narrator sounded like Chris Pratt so that made me smile. I'm looking forward to book 3 !

Profile Avatar
Dennis B.

Another great book

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Russ G.

Brilliant book, I am loving the series by Jack Carr. Now going to listen to book 3

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Charles Marshall

Love Jack Carr's writing.

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Dallas R.

just the right amount of foreshadow, and a great narrator

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I really enjoyed this book keeps you on the edge of your seat

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It really makes you think about the enemies we have have created and what true believers are out there that really hate the USA. Great storyline and scary believable. The narrator does a great job as usual with so many characters of different sexes and different nationalities.

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Cheryl B.

Excellent read!

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awesome book

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Greg S.

Am sure Jack is a tru patriot, but he should stay in his lane, and good storytelling is not it...

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Martin L.

As his first book, very detailed and lots of action at every chapter

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Matt G.

Love them. These are so darn good

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Fantastic book. Needs to be a movie.

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John Rav

Another great James Reese adventure. Carr has created a character that will continue to give readers a great ride for a long time. The reader also did a fantastic job.

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Had me intrigued the whole book great read

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Fun plot but low brow. Depictions of women and Africans are patronizing and, at times, gross.

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