Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology

Written by:
Leah Remini
Narrated by:
Leah Remini

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2015
7 hours 9 minutes
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • An eye-opening, no-holds-barred memoir about life in the Church of Scientology by the outspoken actress and star of the A&E docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath
Leah Remini has never been the type to hold her tongue. That willingness to speak her mind, stand her ground, and rattle the occasional cage has enabled this tough-talking girl from Brooklyn to forge an enduring and successful career in Hollywood. But being a troublemaker has come at a cost.
That was never more evident than in 2013, when Remini loudly and publicly broke with the Church of Scientology. Now, in this frank, funny, poignant memoir, the former King of Queens star opens up about that experience for the first time, revealing the in-depth details of her painful split with the church and its controversial practices.
Indoctrinated into the church as a child while living with her mother and sister in New York, Remini eventually moved to Los Angeles, where her dreams of becoming an actress and advancing Scientology’s causes grew increasingly intertwined. As an adult, she found the success she’d worked so hard for, and with it a prominent place in the hierarchy of celebrity Scientologists alongside people such as Tom Cruise, Scientology’s most high-profile adherent. Remini spent time directly with Cruise and was included among the guests at his 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes.
But when she began to raise questions about some of the church’s actions, she found herself a target. In the end, she was declared by the church to be a threat to their organization and therefore a “Suppressive Person,” and as a result, all of her fellow parishioners—including members of her own family—were told to disconnect from her. Forever.
Bold, brash, and bravely confessional, Troublemaker chronicles Leah Remini’s remarkable journey toward emotional and spiritual freedom, both for herself and for her family. This is a memoir designed to reveal the hard-won truths of a life lived honestly—from an author unafraid of the consequences.

Praise for Troublemaker
“An aggressively honest memoir . . . Troublemaker is the most raw and revealing Scientology memoir to date.”—Entertainment Weekly
“Leah’s story is a juicy, inside-Hollywood read, but it’s more than that. It’s a moving story about the value of questioning authority and how one woman survived a profound crisis of faith.”—People
“Remini [offers] up some juicy tidbits from her decades in the church.”—Newsweek
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Ruth B.

Sooo good!! Leah narrating is just the best!!

Profile Avatar
Meredith S.

I loved this book!!! Liberating!

Profile Avatar
Nick H.

Great book to listen to.

Profile Avatar

Wow never thought the church was like that ! She is a amazing woman and I was wondering if we ever found out what actually did happened to Shelly ? I hope she writes more on the subject

Profile Avatar
Anna Y.

I loved everything about this book! It was brave, funny, and just an intriguing story -- one that I had only heard snippets of before so it was great to get the whole story from the woman who lived it. Leah Remini does a great job narrating it as well - like a friend telling you her story. Highly recommend!

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Toni B

Great Leah Remini

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Brooke A

The sound was low in my car but LOVE Leah Remini and this book! I?t wouldn’t be the same without her narration.

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Jennifer D

Bold, brave, funny and an excellent read! Kudos to Leah Remini for being brave enough to tell her story! Also, I've lost all respect for Sharon Osborne. What a self centered woman!

Profile Avatar
Alesha M

Don't normally like audio books because of how boring the narration is. This was the best audio book I've heard. I feel she is telling me in a conversation between us her story.

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Tasya B

Loved it. Love everything Scientology. Smart woman, making a difference

Profile Avatar
Wendy S

Leah is amazing. I love love love this book. way to overcome a SUPPRESSIVE organization. she is strong and a wonderful human being.

Profile Avatar
Lisa P

Very well done. Loved it! Great job Leah.

Profile Avatar
Kelly Babcock

Incredible story & so glad it was read by Leah. Highly recommended!!

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Mallory Carter

I loved this book! I couldn't stop listening! I love when people have the balls to stand up for what they know is right and can follow through with their convictions! This book truly inspired me to take a closer look at my life and not sit Idlelea by when it comes to my truths.

Profile Avatar
Michelle Cirullo

I loved this book. It is a book that I could have listened to in just one sitting. I was sad it was over. Her narration makes the book come alive and makes you invested in her stories even more.

Profile Avatar
Joan Morabito

Loved Leah's narration. She really made the book come alive for me. So much more detail and information than I ever knew about Scientology. So glad she is out!

Profile Avatar
Mary Olp

This was a fantastic book. Leah herself narrated it and did an incredible job. It gave incredible insight into the world of Scientology and her personal struggle. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer because I could not stop listening. Highly recommended.

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Lisa Ewing

Excellent book. Very well written. Learned a lot about Scientology. I don't feel she was at all negative or harsh. She really loved her faith growing up.

Profile Avatar
Nadine Steele

What, a remarkable woman! I loved this book. Riveted from the start. I listened to it from start to finish on a long Christmas plane ride. The added bonus? Listening to Leah tell her story. No one else could to bring me right in the middle of the pain, the fight and ultimate victory to kick Scientology's butt! Bravo Leah! Save these families!

Profile Avatar
Mary Mikula

It stuns me that an organization can call itself a"church" with no mention of God or a higher being. Where's the part about caring for the poor or underserved. Loved how she honestly told the story without malice. Loved the humor.

Profile Avatar
Jennifer Brown

I loved Leah before and I love her even more now! Great job!

Profile Avatar
Jennifer Kilcommins

I am an avid reader and this one was ONE OF THE BEST EVER! The way Leah read it, was AWESOME! She is great and now I am watching the series she did.

Profile Avatar
Kathy Zane

I love this book, and that Leah reads it. It's everything you want to know about Scientology.

Profile Avatar
Linda Becker

Great book to listen to as told by the author. Leah Remini is highly entertaining, funny, courageous and insightful.

Profile Avatar
Rodney Wilson

Wonderful, troubling, fascinating. I just became an even bigger fan. Much love to ya Leah. It was like having coffee with a girlfriend for 7 hours.

Profile Avatar
Christiana Ares-Christian

Very good read. I was pleasantly surprised; this was one of the best memoirs I've read/listened to. Leah Remini is really funny and frank.

Profile Avatar
Nelly Navarro-Britt

Great book. Surprisingly very funny. Love that it was read by the author. I don't think it would have been the same reading it, without hearing her hilarious voice. Interesting story too. All the same info as Going Clear documentary on HBO.

Profile Avatar
Denia Mccobb

Amazing funny captivating shocking!!!! She's so great and keeps your attention and tells a great and fascinating story.

Profile Avatar
Felicia Ruiz

A must read! I laughed my ass off, and cried! Leah, you're amazing.

Profile Avatar
Morgan Kobitka

This book was very enlightening into the world of Scientology and how anhy religion can be negative. While I do not openly practice any religion I have the utmost respect for Leah as she refused to be silenced regardless the consequence because she knew who she was and what she believed in. The reading was very honest and funny and I really enjoyed hearing her discoveries and difficulties and how she used them to become who she is today. While life may not be perfect it is what you make it and Leah is a prime example of that statement. The passion was very evident, which isn't easy to portray in a book.

Profile Avatar
Pam Aldred

Love this book! Amazing job writing funny truthful love love love and love your friend with Jenn love her more of how supportive she was

Profile Avatar
Lisa Spradley

This book is awesome! I love Leah's honesty, and I admire her for putting it all out there! There are real people in Hollywood. Thank you for sharing Leah!

Profile Avatar
Tabitha Hewitt

This was a really entertaining audio book. I found myself making excuses to go somewhere so I could just drive and listen to the book. I was interested in the Scientology aspect but found myself more entertained with Leah as an author and narrator. She did a great job and she was passionate. I hope she writes another book, I'll definitely buy it!

Profile Avatar
victoria ortiz

Great book….love how REAL Leah is! We need more people like her in this world.

Profile Avatar
jessica perez

love this book! she was honest real wish I would've heard what happened to Shelly

Profile Avatar
Christine Oschman

Loved this so much, she is a wonderful storyteller.

Profile Avatar
Jennifer Del Corso

Wonderful! Really couldn't stop listening! She is funny, articulate, and doesn't hold back. You can tell she's willing to be brutally honest even with herself. She gives you a wonderful glimpse into her mindset. It is sad and angering to see the conditioning and brainwashing--- and really, to be able to go back and process what happened and why, will take a long time.She does such a nice job in not painting individuals in black and white terms; rather really honoring the complexity of her mother, father, family/friends, and the Church of Scientology. Great story!

Profile Avatar
Wendy Preis

I enjoyed the book very much. Thank you Leah for opening and sharing your world with all of us .

Profile Avatar
Jamilla Phillips

loved it a very funny yet interesting read and captivating Lisa R is so real the TRUTH!! and hilarious naturally

Profile Avatar
justin castillo

I did meet her at CC 15 years ago. We spoke for 5 seconds and I told her what I did on TV days prior. She was impressed.

Profile Avatar
Melissa Leger

This is the best audio book I've ever heard! Leah does not sound like she is reading. You feel like you are listening to a friend tell a story. She is so funny I laughed out loud several times and had to rewind to hear what I missed over my laughing. She IS Carrie in so many ways! I listened too fast and sad this is over! I admire her so much for her balls to release this and put herself out there! She is a true warrior and I hope this story will help the thousands of people in Scientology leave and have a better life. Hats off to you Leah! You are a true hero and I'm so happy your family and friends supported you! You are truly free! I have a huge respect for Jennifer Lopez now too. That is a true BFF! Hope to meet you in person some day. Wishing you the best as you now live your authentic life for the first time! ????

Profile Avatar
Judy Enis

This was an excellent book. I usually listen to fiction, but this was quite inspiring. I have always wanted to know about scientology. Leah had a hard childhood with divorced parents and having a single mom raise her and her sister. She went through very hard times. I applaud her for leaving the church (cult) and her family. It was a very difficult time. Hopefully she will find religion elsewhete.

Profile Avatar
Lamoria Washington

She's funny and real. I loved it. Shame on that religious scam of a cult to break up families like that

Profile Avatar
Mary Cavaliere

After my spiritual awakening in 1978 I read everything about religion and spirituality I could get my hands on. I read Dianetics while working towards my degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Massachusetts. My take on this book/religion was that it was one person's view on how to attain enlightenment, so I had no issues with it. There are MANY paths up the mountain and it is up to each of us to find what works for us. Organized religion isn't for me personally, but I try to respect the choices of others who are not able to evolve spiritually without this type of aid or sense of community. After seeing Going Clear and reading this book, I feel confident in saying that Leah was definitely "chosen" by the Universe to assist in the exposure of a religion that is destructive to the lives of others and has absolutely nothing to do with spiritual evolution. Through it she found herself, became more empowered, and through her example, she is helping others to become spiritually empowered as well. Leah's courage and bravery to take on something as big as Scientology is admirable. In her heart all she ever really wanted to do was save the planet. Bravo Leah! You are helping to do just that!!!!!!

Profile Avatar
Lesa Gallup

This is one of the best books I've read all year. Leah is smart, funny and interesting! It was never boring . I read it all in 24 hours!

Profile Avatar
Katherine Williams

I have been curious about this "religion" for years and I am just flabbergasted that it still exists. Sorry you had to endure all this heartache and pain. Your book was great I couldn't put it down.

Profile Avatar
Diana Smith

Wow, I was floored. I'm not sure what I expected, but what I got was the privilege of hearing a very brave woman lay it all out - good and bad. Absolutely recommend it!

Profile Avatar
Jen Plisch

I absolutely love this book!! Very interesting and Leah Remini is fantastic at narrating and telling her story! I wish I could listen to her more....write more books Ms. Remini!!!!

Profile Avatar
Juliette Vilot

Fascinating from the get! She tells her story in such a clear way, all the while defining Scientology's strange lingo so listeners can understand. From an outsiders perspective I could never wrap my head around, aside from those born into or brought into as children, how intelligent people could subscribe to this cult like "religion". Now I feel I more clearly understand how this cult hooks people and then keeps them spinning in their own circle. They ultimately become trapped by themselves. Scientology is, as I've always suspected, no more than an intricate slight-of-hand magic trick. Leah's humor and own voice lend to making this hard to turn off. Great listen!!!!!

Profile Avatar
Andrea Garcia

Fantastic book. Leah's story is compelling and she does an excellent job of telling it through her own words. I loved the audiobook version as hearing the story through Leah's own voice truly brings it to life. I love Leah's strength and humor as she tells her story and after reading this I have an incredible respect for her. I find the truths of Scientology to be both fascinating and disturbing and this story is very educational for those not familiar with the "faith". I hope this book is able to reach and help others trying to break free from Scientology. I highly recommend this book for anyone!

Profile Avatar
Alena Martin

This book was a very interesting read. I was completely engrossed right from the beginning. Leah Remini is a fabulous narrator who makes you feel like your talking to a friend who's telling you a recent story of something that happened to her. I would highly recommend this book! Not only is it a page turner but learning about the inner workings of the church is fascinating and horrifying all at the same time. You won't be bored.

Profile Avatar
Ellen Webb

Everything about this book had me wanting more. Her narration was on point and really made the story of her experience perfect. I never truly understood Scientology and never will, but at least this gave so much information. I did feel bad for her because she is the kinda person that stands up and sticks out ; I can relate with that. I hope the best for!

Profile Avatar
Angelo Gonzales

Great book, great courage. Thank you for sharing your experience with the world.

Profile Avatar
nilo aziz

This book is everything I thought it would be. I could not get enough. The cherry on the cake was Leah Reminis' narration. HILARIOUS.

Profile Avatar
Kathleen Scott

I contemplated buying the printed version versus the audio - this book is what prompted my joining My thoughts we exactly correct - her voice itself is so entertaining, hearing this in her own words was amazing. I highly recommend! The book was fantastic and so too was she.

Profile Avatar
Jordan Patterson

This book is incredibly raw and honest. Leah Remini writing and narrating this book was magically done very courageous! This book had me laugh, confused by certain methods of the church and even tear up a few times. I have already recommended not only the book but the audiobook as well! Thank you Leah Remini for having the courage! I'm not not have I ever been a scientologist, but I am walking away from this book motivated to live my life true to my heart!

Profile Avatar
Edgar Mejia

Leah, I love you more now, now knowing you truly. I never really followed your career. But something pulled me to your book. I had my girl purchase it for me. I had lost faith in all religions but one True Love. I am extremely happy that you have that True Love from your family and friends that stuck by you. sincerely, Edgar M.

Profile Avatar
Diane Nanstad

Excellent and enjoyed it written and Leah's voice and in her voice. I selected this book after Going Clear. I didn't want this book to end. I will now follow and support all Leah Remini projects.

Profile Avatar
Jennifer Baer

Great book. What she went through seemed just hellish. She comically and sincerely describes her 30 years in show business and Scientology. Great work and extremely brave. You go girl! To your new chapter in life.

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Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology
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